June 4, 2019
Laura B. Whitmore

He wowed us with amazing performances on NBC’s The Voice. Now Pittsburgh pop singer/songwriter Chris Jamison, shares an incredibly insightful song in “Go.” Showcasing his honey-tinged, flowing vocals, “Go” ventures into strong pop territory with a deep message of self-trust.

Jamison shares, “I’m a worrier by nature and specifically struggle with OCD. At times, certain thoughts or memories will get stuck in my head and I can become a prisoner of my own mind, unable to let specific thoughts or memories escape me. Writing “Go” was my way of fighting back against my OCD and the anxiety that comes with it. During those times, all I can do is focus on the things that I know to be true, rather than focusing on all of the different thoughts floating around in my head. All I can do is trust what I’ve always known, and let the other stuff go!”

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After appearing on and coming in third on the seventh season of The Voice, Jamison moved back home to live with his parents. He explored his own spirituality. He struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He got married to his childhood sweetheart. He fought to stay humble following the sudden onrush of popularity following his stint on television.

Transitioning from being a sophomore in college to a famous singer and back to normalcy, however, wasn’t a simple transition. Though Jamison was a performer and musical theatre student from a young age, his experience was in singing the music of other artists. In other words, songwriting was still new to him, and he hadn’t yet found his voice.

Written in the quiet moments of transition, his new single “Go” embodies Jamison’s struggle to do exactly that: remain humble, find his sound, and pay his dues.

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