Our Approach

We are a family run business.  Delivering a unique and highly personalized experience is at the heart of what we do.  Our award winning team members come from a diverse set of experiences in the music industry.  Each brings a unique perspective that can be brought to bear on your project, as needed.  We create a relaxed and comfortable environment that is conducive to the creative process.   We can assist with all aspects of the music creation process, including: writing, arranging, producing, recording, mixing and mastering.  We can provide access to professional session musicians, if needed, and can also consult with you on release, distribution and promotion strategies for your music.

Our Studio

The studio was designed by Los Angeles based Yanchar Design and Consulting Group yanchardesign.com, a premier design firm with decades of experience designing high-end studio and post-production facilities around the world.

The studio was designed for bands and performing musicians. Our spacious live room can accommodate a variety of formats from solo artists and bands to small orchestral ensembles. We have a great sounding drum room and several isolation rooms that provide versatility.

Our professionally designed control room is acoustically true and well equipped with the latest technology, a combination of premium outboard gear, high end microphones and the legendary NEVE 8058 recording console.  We also have a comprehensive list of plug-ins and virtual instruments.


Music production can take many forms.  Artists often look for an independent producer to help them see the full potential of their music.  This allows for a broader creative perspective on arrangement, composition,  instrumentation and even programing (for digital elements).  The producer may also be responsible for finding session musicians and booking studio time.


The tracking process forms the basis for your recording. The proper selection and placement of microphones, the right choice of instruments and the overall quality of the room, results in the capture of a high quality, analog audio signal from acoustic instruments and vocals. These analog signals can be combined with other forms of electronic music and/or overdubs to further build the session. The tracking process itself is an art form that can be accomplished through live performance of a full band as well as the overdub of individual performances. The quality of our microphones and other equipment, combined with the quality of the studio rooms and the experience of our engineers ensure a high quality, professional recording during the tracking stage. Great recordings start with great performance. Great sounds start with tracking that captures the essence of that original performance.


A great mix requires years of experience. This process takes all of the elements from the tracking process and combines them in a way that ensures that the overall session works together as a single performance. Through the use of balance, EQ, compression, reverb and other effects, the engineer finds the glue that allows each part to contribute only in a way that enhances the overall tone, space and dynamics of the performance. Our experience, combined with a high quality console, outboard gear, plug-in technology and a professionally designed control room, allow the mix to come to life. The monitors and control room design ensure an accurate representation of the sound quality so that your performance sounds good, no matter what format is used to listen outside of the studio. Our engineers are also musicians. This allows us to better understand your artistic goals and help you produce them in a way that is consistent with your vision and artistic expression.


The mastering process is the final stage before production, that ensures the final product has a professional quality. In this step, the mastering engineer manages transitions, fades, consistency of levels, noise reduction, overall balance and equalization. If done properly, the mastering process further enhances the quality of the recording while also preparing it for manufacture and duplication.