Article from Pop Matters by Jedd Beaudoin.

A new Pittsburgh label called The Vault Records is launching with the signing of local singer Chris Jamison, who came to fame on Season 7 of “The Voice.”
After placing third on “The Voice” in December 2014, Jamison released the single “Velvet” on Republic Records, which went to No. 53 on the charts, but he never released a debut album.

Describing the new material, which doesn’t have a release date yet, he said in a statement, “It’s pop, but it’s got more soul and meaning behind it. To me, it’s important not to simply sing a song, but to pour as much emotion into it as I can and really connect. It’s what I do.”

The Vault Records is centered around a new recording studio on Neville Island in the Cyrus Rice Center, which was constructed as a bank building in 1955 and still has the original vault in the basement. It is owned by engineer/producer Bob McCutcheon, who is also a managing partner of Price Waterhouse’s Pittsburgh office. He wants The Vault to play a “key role in developing and supporting the artistic community in Pittsburgh and beyond.”

He said of Jamison, “His talent is undeniable and his music appeals to a wide audience, as demonstrated by his success on The Voice.”