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Your behind the scenes, all access pass to artists, music and history.

Your backstage pass to the passion that fuels The Vault. We’re featuring interviews featuring musical innovators, In Session studio performances, Gear Reviews for industry experts and our Rhythm 19 community development student forums. Experience music the way it was meant to be – all access, all the time.

The Vault Founder and CEO, Bob McCutcheon dives deep into the heart of musicians, industry professionals and innovators.

Our Vault team talks about the gear they use to create the music we love. From the gear that changed their life to every day pieces that are staples in sound design.

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Your front row seat to today’s latest Vault artists and national acts performing at the Vault Recording Studio.

Music legacies begin when kids of all ages have the opportunity and access to learn, listen and play. Our series amplifies unique partnerships that help children experience the power of music in their lives.

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The liner notes showcasing the artists, music industry and community relations directly from The Vault.