Bob McCutcheonWelcome to The Vault.

Our vision and our mission is to share our passion for music and the arts by creating an environment where others can connect, collaborate and share.

The Vault Recording Studio is a state of the art studio. By providing access to a world-class recording facility, educational programs and industry leading resources, we will elevate the client experience and enhance Pittsburgh’s music industry profile on a global scale.

Through charitable contributions and volunteerism, The Rhythm19 Fund seeks to provide access to music for children and to use music to enrich the lives of those with challenges or special needs. The fund also supports and encourages the continuation of music education and programs for school children.

Inside The Vault is intended to connect with our subscribers to share updates on our events, activities and industry knowledge.

Thank you for your interest in The Vault.  We encourage you to reach out, follow and subscribe to follow us as we continue on our musical journey.

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Bob McCutcheon, Founder, CEO

Nothing will ever replace the experience & the feeling that you get from being in a real recording studio, tracking with a bunch of band members and getting into the groove, and making magic.