In a rupturing collection of tunes, guitarist and producer Dave Hillis paints the skyline with his electronica LP.

There is nothing more riveting then falling deep within the soundscape construed by an artist that oozes in it’s passion and electricity.

Pittsburgh artist, Davie Hillis, pulls us into to his textually dripping world, releases his debut album, Skylines. 

The LP is made of 11 hauntingly hypnotic tracks, nestled deep within the experimental realm.

Hillis channels his ignited fascination with sampling technology, putting together a view that will take the wandering imagination with both hands.

Skylines is bloomed with the first track, Flowers, an intricately textured electro tune – immersing the listener in a jarring and somewhat unlatching world. The track ignites the throttle of the album, sliding along the similar vein of Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow and Tricky.

Dave Hillis Performing

Everything about Skylines vibrates a sense of freedom for the artist. The multi-platinum producer is known best for his work with Pearl JamJames Blake and Guns N Roses bassist, Duff KcKagan – having built a career around the rock genre, it is clear that Skylines taps into an unchartered glisten of Hillis’ creative personality.

“It’s very liberating to work with no rules. You have to find different ways to express emotions, abstract ideas, and messages. It’s a challenging way to be creative.” Hillis recalls.

This sense of liberation cracks open in the climatic peak of the album, Beautiful You, a roaring magnet of electricity and cinematic synths.

Skylines feels like the embodiment of the track name In The Light We Rise, Hillis has created a piece of the work within a genre – that has simmered since high school when he would experiment with a Roland sampler.

Translating his life experiences into sonic rhythms, Carrick was created after his passing through Carrick, soaking the thud of an 808 blaring out of the car, the same day as a shooting took place nearby.

Skylines is officially released on 30 July via Soundcloud.