Vents Magazine
July 18, 2019
RJ Frometa

A good song is one that keeps you humming after you finish listening to it. This is very much the case for today’s premiere – The Borstal Boys’ new single Sleepwalkin’. It’s sleek and simple; a gentle rock song that features ringing guitars, lilting piano lines, and cascading vocal lines. The visuals takes us behind the scenes of the recording of the song, giving the song a much intimate vibe.

About the video, Lamonde comments “The concept behind “Sleepwalkin’” was originally introduced by keyboardist Joe Pelesky. Joe provided the initial music and I added the lyrics. It actually came together pretty effortlessly. It was written about a friend who seems to go through life without a care in the world, with their eyes closed to everyone and everything around them. It’s musically pretty laid back with a catchy melody.

As a band we have been writing constantly and we seem to be getting in to groove writing lately. Sleepwalkin’ is a good representation of the direction we are taking with our writing style. We are looking forward to releasing more like it.”