July 8, 2019
Brian Leak

Pittsburgh-based singer-songwriter Chris Jamison might be best known in the music world for coming in third place in the seventh season of NBC’s The Voice on Adam Levine’s team — with a four chair turn in his blind audition, to boot. But, with four and a half years having passed since that finale, Jamison’s music has very much been speaking for itself.

Today, Jamison is premiering a brand new four-track EP, titled Puzzle Pieces, due out on July 13 through The Vault Records. At roughly 15 minutes in total length, Puzzle Pieces is a smooth and soulful R&B/pop offering of Jamison’s strongest material to date. Without a moment wasted, each of the EP’s four tracks are ready for radio — easy listening, lush with beautifully airy melodies and the kind of vocal delivery you’d expect from a finalist in one of the world’s biggest singing competitions.

“When I was young, I created what I thought was an indestructible plan,” says Jamison. “I would go to college, graduate, have a family and play shows at local bars and restaurants on the weekend. The only part of my plan that worked out was starting a family by marrying the girl I fell in love with in junior high school. During this past year, there were a few months where my wife and I were obsessed with making puzzles. I quickly realized how similar life is to putting a puzzle together. Unlike a puzzle,” Jamison continues, “life doesn’t offer us the ability to know what the end picture is going to look like. Each day on Earth puts us one piece closer to discovering the final picture of the puzzle. My EP, Puzzle Pieces, is just that: a piece of a much larger puzzle. Here’s to discovering how the rest of the pieces fit together.”

Stream Puzzle Pieces’ four tracks below and head to Jamison’s website for more information on the record and upcoming tour dates.