Article from Pittsburgh Music Magazine by Alan D. Welding.

The Borstal Boys posing in front of fence

Sometimes in order to make something work, you have to let it rest for a while. In the case of The Borstal Boys’ new single, Don’t Let Life Pass You By, this remains true: the song has been recorded, scrapped, edited and re-recorded three times since it was first penned by songwriter Rocky Lamonde.

Lamonde is a founding member of the Pittsburgh-based seven-piece rock outfit who boast members with a collectively massive amount of experience in the music industry. Featuring past members from Torn and Frayed, Dirty Charms, and Rusted Root, the band takes their name from a song by The Faces – one of the many bands from which The Borstal Boys draw influences.

Don’t Let Life Pass You By, in its ready-for-release form, is a testament to the band’s talent and creativity. A bluesy rock and roll effort, it sees the band exalting the importance of taking chances as they come, and reflecting on lost friends and opportunities. Showcasing a songwriting style that puts mutual collaboration above all else, The Borstal Boys are an ever-evolving band that remain true to their rock and roll roots. A recent breakout in the Pittsburgh music scene, the next step for this powerful rock outfit is the national stage.