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Bob McCutcheon

Bob McCutcheon

Founder, CEO | Producer, Engineer

The Vault has always been in the making. In 1988, Bob started his first recording studio, “Alternative Studios” in his mother’s garage. He worked his way through college engineering and producing local Pittsburgh bands. After graduating from Robert Morris University with a business degree, he pursued a 28 year career with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, ultimately retiring as Managing Partner – but always followed his passion and continued to play, write and record music.

Inspired by their love of music, Bob, his wife Dana and their two sons Ryan and Brett embarked on a journey to create something more than just a recording studio. They envisioned a new and vibrant space were musicians of all kinds could connect, co-create, record and promote their music.

They purchased the old bank building on Neville Island and hired Los Angeles based Yanchar Design and Consulting Group, a premier design firm specializing in the design of high-end recording and post-production facilities.

In 2016 construction was complete and The Vault was born. With the addition of Jimmy Hoyson, the acquisition of the Neve 8058 and Bob’s retirement from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Vault began operating commercially in 2018.

We are now positioned to fully pursue our ultimate vision for The Vault.

Jimmy Hoyson

Jimmy Hoyson

6-Time Grammy Winner | Producer, Chief Engineer

After graduating from The University of Pittsburgh, Hoyson moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. With little more than his guitar and $100 in his pocket, he stayed with a friend in LA working first for a cable company and then a yacht cleaning company in Marina Del Ray. Just as luck with have it, Hoyson was introduced to the owner of Village Records, who liked his tenacity and soon offered Hoyson an entry-level position at Village.

Day one at Village Studios, he found himself in the editing room with David Byrne finishing the opening of True Stories. His hard work, easy demeanor and impeccable ear elevated him from getting coffee for artists to working in the studio at Village, 7th Level, Signet Studios and Capital Studios.

His clients continue to be an endless list of renowned and upcoming artists. From Warrant, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Goo Goo Dolls, Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop and Green Day to Lou Reed, Eric Clapton and B.B. King. In addition, he has extensive experience working on film and television scores, 7th Heaven, Ugly Betty, 8 Simple Rules, The Wedding Singer, Ace Ventura and Walk the Line to name a few.

Hoyson returned to his native Pittsburgh as Chief Engineer at The Vault Recording Studio and travels internationally as a freelance producer.

Dave Hillis

Dave Hillis

Multi-Platinum | Producer, Engineer

After signing his first record label deal at the tender age of 17, as a guitarist and writer with legendary thrash metal band MACE, Dave set his sights on the production and engineering side of the music business, where he was engineer for legendary producer Rick Parashar, at London Bridge Studios, Seattle, where he engineered Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Candlebox, to name a few.

Now living in Pittsburgh, Dave is available as a Producer and Engineer at the Vault Recording Studios.

Anthony "Rocky" Lamonde

Anthony “Rocky” Lamonde

Producer, Engineer

A Pittsburgh native, Rocky began his musical career after graduating from CAPA – Creative and performing arts school. He has a longer career as a performing artist with bands Torn n’ Frayed, The Dirty Charms and most recently The Borstal Boys on The Vault Records, where is also co-produced several albums.

Brian Ammon

Assistant Engineer

Brett McCutcheon

Assistant Engineer and Social Media Manager

Dana McCutcheon

Office Manager

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